Saudi Arabia

Management Team

  • Mr.Aslam Pasha
    General Manager

  • Mr.Syed Altamash
    Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Mr.Hussam Hariri
    Tours Manager

  • Mr.Maaz Kardame
    Corporate Manager

  • Mr.Abdul Sameer
    Branch Manager-Dammam

  • Mr.Abdul Aziz
    Branch Manager-Faisaliyah

  • Mr.Fahad Alghamdi
    Branch Manager-Thoqba

  • Mr.Yousuf Javeed
    Branch Manager-Jubail

  • Al Majdouie Office

  • Al Majdouie Office Staffs

  • Al Majdouie Office Staffs

  • Al Majdouie Office Staffs

  • Aslam Pasha
    General Manager

Yousuf Ali

Almajdouie -CEO

We take great pride in our commitment to provide proffessional services in a responsive, high quality manner.
There is no doubt our service are a direct reflection of our individual capabilities, personalities, and experiences. Consequently, we strive to build customer satisfaction relationships that are mutually rewarding.

Mr.Aslam Pasha

General Manager

Life is a Journey
That’s why everyone has to enjoy and make the most of it by discovering new opportunities, Experience thrilling adventurous destinations and different cultures. Al Majdouie Travel thrives to turn your dreams into reality by making the world your oyster. It is no longer about where you are going or how far the distance, but rather about the journey and how you are making it there. We provide complete solutions to your travel plan offered by our expert consultants who help you plan your each trip from start to finish, while paying attention to your individual needs. Whether you are planning to go on a business, leisure or for medical reason, Al Majdouie Travel is your one-stop-Agency that focuses on giving you an exceptional, memorable travel experience. We look forward to helping you plan your next Trip…
Almajdouie keen towards achieving its milestones by closely working on its key elements…..

  • Time Management
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
Our Aim is to be customers first Choice.

Mr.Syed Altamash

Sales & Marketing Manager

My 21years of service in Travel industry and experience of working with Almajdouie Travel since 2007 has sharpened my skills in team management.

My aim is to manage the team with good harmony and closely work in grooming, conducting good team work and maintain discipline. Ensure proper job instructions are given and training to staff. The sales policies and office procedures are clearly understood applied and adhered to, by the team. Conducting regular team briefings to ensure that the team is aware of new products, policies and procedures as and when they are introduced. Finally ensure delivery of timely and quality services to the client.

Address : king faisal bin Abdul aziz St near holiday inn, Corniche –Al khobar, Eastern Province
P.O. Box 336, Zip code 31411,City,Dammam - KSA

Mr.Hussam Hariri

Tours Manager

My work experience in Travel & Tourism industry beguines in the Year 2002 as Travel Consultant and then the best part of my learning and trimming of skills started with the journey with Almajdouie Travel from year 2008, where I had freedom to pick different challenges and work on its merits. There how my carrier capacity builds and became an independent professional who can serve you fully to your travel needs from start to the end.

Constructing a Tour package does needs a highest level of skills and I am fully prepared to build any kind of Tour package that you want to experience. My team is evenly experienced to serve you and make your holidays a memorable.

"Come and Celebrate"

Mr.Maaz Kardame

Corporate Manager

Started working for Travel industry since 2006 and joined Al Majdouie Travel since July 2008. My journey with Almajdouie made me learn how one can face the challenges that come invariably on day to day work. There how my skills were groomed and learnt the importance of customer in our business life. Having seen the progress I was asked to manage corporate team in the year 2012 in order to deliver the best to our prominent customers using the best of my skills and the same transform to the down line team.

I and my team consist of well experienced qualified staffs that are trained to handle any complex itineraries and providing you with the excellent results.

Mr.Abdul Sameer

Branch Manager-Dammam

Immense pleasure welcoming customers of Dammam, The very first branch of Almajdouie Travel that has emotions linked with the growth of not only Travel agency indeed it was the first office when Almajdouie Group beguine their business journey of transport. We are located in the heart of city and a street famously known as Travel Street.

I joined Almajdouie in the year 2002 as counter sales agent and since then my journey had made me learn the importance of key elements that needed to follow such as timely response to customers, development of product update knowledge, regular training and work on customer feedback report that help us improve service quality. Based on the results achieved I was asked to manage Dammam Branch that caters services for the community based in Dammam.

Come, we shall hold your trust with utmost care.

Address: Almajdouie travel, Dhahran Street 11th , aljawhara building , Eastern Province
P.O.Box 336, Zip code 31411,City,Dammam - KSA

Mr.Abdul Aziz

Branch Manager-Faisaliyah

Our Branch in Faisaliyah based in an ideal location wherein you have the comfort and peace finding easy access for car parking and with a cup of refreshing coffee from the Saudi chain of restaurant Liwan café right just next to us.

My work experience with Almajdouie Travel since year 2008 has made me learn to understand that the level of service means not the quantity of business we do rather it is a quality Service that we provide to our prominent customers.

Please come and experience our professional guidance to your travel plan, surely you will be amazed with the intent we serve YOU.

Address: Almajdouie travel, Al Faisaliyah area –beside Show room–Hyundai Tower P.O.Box 336, Zip code 31411,City,Dammam - KSA

Mr.Fahad Alghamdi

Branch Manager-Thoqba

Warm Welcome for our customers in THOQBA….

We are indeed glad to be placed in Mecca Street cross 12/13. Our aim is to serve the needs of our prominent customers based in Toqbah. We cater everything related to travel in one basket as a complete solution to your travel plan.

My experience working with Almajdouie team has been awesome and I hope to continue learn from Almajdouie many more things that add value in serving our customers.

Address: Almajdouie travel, Touqbah - Mecca Street cross 12/13 Al Khobar, Eastern Province
P.O.Box 336, Zip code 31411,City,Dammam - KSA

Mr. Yousuf Javeed

Branch Manager-Jubail

‘’Ahlan-Wasahlan, welcome to our branch in Jubail, being part of Al-Majdouie travel brand where the travel professionals, strive towards making your travel smooth, easy and cost effective leaving behind sweet memories which will surely make you one of our loyal customers. I have been lucky enough to be a part of the famed, Al-Majdouie group, my experience in the Saudi travel industry has crossed more than 15 years. I have had an opportunity to work with some leading travel companies in Saudi Arabia and the experience to work with Al-Majdouie stands alone.

With the advent of the internet, our passengers are much aware of the offers and special packages offered by the airlines resulting in a well informed traveler. We at Al-Majdouie travel take this as to our advantage and find it easy to offer him the best available air fares, hotel rates and tour packages worldwide. With our business partners spread across the world it will only take an email to serve our customer anywhere in the world at any given time.

Come fly with us and experience the difference!!

Address: Almajdouie travel, Al-Jabal street, no 4, Ground floor, Four seasons hotel apartment building, Jubail city.